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At Bishop Arts Kids, our team is dedicated to providing top-quality care for every patient, regardless of their insurance plan! We accept many PPO Insurances and Medicaid..

We Accept Medicaid For Foster Children

couple smiling with their kids after taking them to Bishop Arts Kids Pediatric DentistryThe team at Bishop Arts Kids understands how difficult it can be for children and teenagers in foster care to access quality dental treatments. Significant oral health concerns can arise from such sporadic dental care, including bottle tooth decay in young children and widespread cavities in older children.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that every child and teenager entering foster care have a complete pediatric dental evaluation within 30 days of being placed in a foster home. It's estimated that 35% of children and teenagers enter foster care with pre-existing dental and oral health problems.

To help children across the greater Dallas area receive the quality dental care they deserve, our office is happy to accept Medicaid for foster children. If you're a foster parent, ask us about our coverage for children aged 1-4. They can receive dental treatment every 3 months to help them establish good oral health habits and a healthy relationship with dental care from the start.

For referrals or questions about insurance/Medicaid, please call 214-390-9960.

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