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Did you know receiving pediatric dental services early in life can help kids prevent dental problems and oral health concerns well into adulthood? Our doctors treat young smiles of all ages with advanced pediatric treatments and a gentle, customized approach. Our team recommends bringing your child to our Dallas, TX pediatric dental office for treatment before their first birthday!

Set the Foundation for A Lifetime of Healthy Smiles

mom and daughter brushing their teeth togetherIt's never too early to begin a lifetime of healthy smiles! Dental concerns can arise early on in life, including childhood tooth decay caused by a child staying on the bottle (or breast) for too long.

Young children can also experience gum disease. In fact, it's been reported that 40% of children between the ages of 2 and 3 have at least mild inflammation of the gums.

To address conditions early on, we encourage parents to bring their children to us as early as possible. The earlier our team can see your child, the easier it will be to prevent and manage oral health concerns. Our team will assess habits like using a pacifier or sucking their thumb to determine the best recommendations for their dental care as they grow.

Our team is dedicated to promoting strong, functional smiles that allow children to develop comfortable chewing, clear speech, and a confident smile!

Your Child’s First Visit To The Dentist

Our doctors are dedicated to positive dental experiences from the start! With top dental technologies and customized treatment plans, you can trust Bishop Arts Kids is here to provide only the best pediatric dental care for every child. At your little one's first appointment, we'll ensure they have all the tools and information they need to maintain a healthy, confident smile.

Call us today to start your child's oral health journey with some of the top preventive pediatric dentistry services in Dallas today!

Dental Protection For Sports & Athletic Activities

If your child is involved in any type of athletic activity or sport, protective gear is essential! A custom mouthguard from Bishop Arts Kids can help your little one prevent broken teeth, lost teeth, concussions, and damage that can happen to the oral soft tissue if an accident or dental emergency does occur. Each custom-fitted mouthguard is an investment in your child's smile!

Child-Safe Dental Fillings & Crowns

It's important to treat a little one's cavities right away. Even if they aren't causing pain, they can cause damage to the tooth, including tooth decay and damage that can spread to their entire body.

Even when a cavity isn’t causing your child pain, it’s important to treat it to prevent further damage to the tooth. Tooth decay can worsen when it isn't treated immediately, negatively affecting not just your child's oral health, but their overall health. After all, healthy baby teeth are what lead to healthy adult teeth! We use safe, mercury-free fillings to restore your child’s tooth when it has been damaged by decay.

Gentle Tooth Extractions

When a child's tooth has suffered severe decay, it may be impossible to save. When this happens, gentle tooth extraction is often the healthiest solution. We may also perform a tooth extraction if the tooth is severely broken, has experienced an oral accident, or is causing crowding within the mouth. Gentle tooth extractions can help preserve your child's remaining healthy teeth.

Pulpotomy (AKA “Baby Root Canal”)

At Bishop Arts Kids, a pulpotomy or gentle root canal can be provided for severe tooth infections caused by cavities. Infection that has reached the nerve of a tooth causes pain that can spread to the rest of the child's body. These "baby root canals" will remove the infection, address your child's pain, and help save the remaining healthy portions of your little one's tooth.

What Is Early Childhood Tooth Decay?

Babies who go to bed with a bottle of milk, formula, or juice are more susceptible to early childhood tooth decay. The sugar in these beverages will stay in contact with the teeth throughout the night. Exposure to those sugars for a long time can cause the child's teeth to decay.

You Can Help Your Child Avoid Early Childhood Tooth Decay

Our efforts to prevent early childhood tooth decay must continue at home. Here are a few tips from our pediatric dental team:

  • Send your child to bed with a bottle of plain water, not milk or juice.
  • Try not to allow your child to use a bottle of milk or juice as a pacifier throughout the day.
  • Teach your child to drink from a cup when they reach six months of age.
  • Plan for your child to stop using a bottle by 12-14 months of age, if not before.
  • Avoid dipping your child’s pacifier in sugar or honey.

Learn More About Our Pediatric Dentistry Services

Is your child ready to receive pediatric dental care? Healthy smiles start early at Bishop Arts Kids!

Our dentist and his skilled team provide expert protection for our young patients' smiles. Call us today to schedule an appointment..

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