Pediatric Root Canal Therapy in Dallas, TX 

Does your child need root canal therapy? Our team may recommend a gentle root canal for young patients who have suffered a major cavity, dental abscess, severe tooth damage, or pain. We work to ensure every visit is efficient and completely comfortable.

At Bishop Arts Kids, Dr. Trinh-Moore and her team offer a selection of safe sedation options including IV sedation and laughing gas to help little ones stay at ease. Comfort is our top priority!

What is Root Canal Therapy?

pediatric patient getting her teeth checked on after a root canal at Bishop Arts KidsRoot canal therapy for kids is designed to preserve natural teeth. Also known as a pulpotomy, root canals are a common dental procedure performed on millions of patients in the United States each year.

During the treatment, the living tissue inside the damaged tooth is removed, including the nerves, so that decay and bacteria can be safely expelled. Then, our doctors will clean out the chamber of the tooth to gently treat it, fill it, restoring your child's healthy, pain-free smile!

When Do Children Need a Root Canal?

Root canal therapy may be recommended for children who are suffering the following symptoms: 

  • Swelling and tenderness of the gums
  • Severe tooth pain
  • Significant tooth sensitivity
  • An abscess (infection) on their gums
  • Sharp pain when chewing or biting

When decay has reached the pulp of the tooth, a severe infection or abscess can result. Root canal therapy may be required to save your child's tooth!

Schedule Your Child's Gentle Root Canal Therapy at Bishop Arts Kids

Children who have suffered cracked teeth, severe cavities, or dental abscesses need to see a dentist right away. These are serious conditions that cannot heal without dental care! Our team is dedicated to preserving our young patients' healthy teeth while keeping them calm and comfortable every step of the way.

Call us today to schedule your pediatric dentist appointment and have all your questions answered about your child's treatment needs. We will help you decide if root canal therapy is the best solution to save your child's tooth!

Remember, we offer safe sedation dentistry options to keep little ones comfortable throughout their visit.

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